Modern Feature Floor Magazine Rack

The floor magazine rack is a common unit for living homes and commercial establishments like offices. The rack usually is placed next to lounge sofa or at lounge corner. People also called this feature of magazine rack as free-standing magazine rack where it is not fixed and stagnant at a place. The rack is basically the contrast version of wall mounted magazine rack where floor magazine racks is more flexible for placement. The typical mode of magazine floor racks mostly is wooden or rattan-made. The oak free standing magazine rack and rattan magazine rack for example, if found in homes and offices that applied with antique interior. These pieces are recognized for its sturdiness and durability; however most of them are bulky and heavy, not exactly user friendly. As such the furniture designer is creating many new designs of this magazine rack to suit current needs as to fit modern interior.

The acrylic form of floor magazine rack is a cool modern unit that sparks your lounge. Since acrylic is transparent, thereby it wasn’t taxing your lounge space which means it will not block any views of your lounge. This modern feature of magazine holder is a beautiful piece that reflecting lights and brighten up your lounge indeed. The piece is needed strongly when you are inserting new acrylic lounge furniture like acrylic coffee table and acrylic TV credenza. The piece is perfectly completing your acrylic lounge design, no doubt.

The oil-bronzed metal of magazine floor racks is offering ancient roman look to your room. This cool free standing magazine rack is pretty artistic; hence to add luxurious and versatile feels to your room. More often than not this soft feature of home improvement unit is able to make a difference to your room. It suits for all kinds of lounge oil-bronzed material furnishing like sofas, vases holder, log holders etc. Thus the piece is able to enhance the sophistication to a room, more than ever for a plain design room. As such if you want to increase some complexity of your room, then consider for buying this unit.

The third unique type of magazine floor rack is basically a wicker magazine rack. We seldom see people used wicker to make cap rack, belt rack and coat rack; however it does for magazine rack. Essentially this rack is combining the typical style of wicker magazine rack to the modern design. The wicker is being dyed in different colors just to enhance the image of the rack. For example the rack is presented in rainbow color where the wicker used for making the racks was dyed in seven rainbow colors. In fact the purpose of making this colorful unit is to enhance the image of a room, to make it more lively and energetic. The rack is also expecting to bring up the spirit of room.

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