Decorative Fireplace Log Holders

A fireplace is imperfect without log holders. In another word you will see this rack or holder when you see fireplace. The holder for sure was there as it is the absolute rack to hold logs for the use of burning job in the fireplace. Most of these holders are made of metals, indeed this is the core feature of the holder. Somehow functionality comes secondly after the design for the recent buying trend; the contemporary trend speaks in this way. More people are looking for flexible, cute and decorative log holders for fireplace. In fact with the help of this small unit, they don’t even put more effort on decorating their fireplaces.

The log holders are for indoor and outdoor. Both holders are constructed in different features. As far as concern the outdoor log holders are heavier and bulkier as mass amount of logs are needed for outdoor fireplace burning. In this case then most indoor one is smaller and mini size fitted. Although the holder is differencing for its sizes and designs; however like I mentioned earlier, most of them are made of metals like steel, brass, copper etc. The material to construct the holder needs to be fireproof, this is very important. Below are three common forms of log holders that absolutely adding a stunning scenery to your fireplace as to your room. The pieces highlighted are worth more than its prices. Take a look at those holders and you might find one that suits your fireplaces.

Circular Fireplace Log Holders

The first beautiful log holder that I would love to recommend you is probably a special and flexible circular shapes of log holder. The holder is able to keep your logs neat, tidy and clean. Thus it prevents your log of being wet and moist. Moreover this holder is a spectacular addition to any homes, restaurants, cafes and bistros. Additionally the piece is enhanced with flexible handle which is easier for carrying. If you are looking for something special for coming Christmas, get this piece to accompany your fireplace.

Free Standing Log Holder

The free standing fireplace log holders are suitable for bigger living homes where the holder is moveable from a room to another. They are designed in different structure like one piece, two pieces or more. The piece layered structure is adding the stability and robust ability of the holder. Thus this piece is easier to clean compares to the wall-mounted log holder or any fixed standing fire log holders. These holders are painted colorfully to add some colors to the fireplace.

Antique Fireplace Log Holder

You might need a log holder with classic frames and sculptures if you own classic interior for your lounge or any rooms that the fireplace is installed. There were many antique designs of these holders offered in the market, for example the antique satin brass fire log holder with hammered finishes. You can also include other fire accessories that come with the same design.


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