How To Fix The Wall-Mounted Coat Rack?

Which one you prefer, a wall mounted wooden coat rack or metal coat rack? No matter which one you choose, you’re responsible for the setting. Therefore make sure you identify the best rack that fits your space, interior as well as entire furniture setting.

First, you need to get a wall-mount coat rack set from shop. Make sure you select the best model that work for your space. For example if you want to add a wall coat rack to your bedroom, then make sure you take down the wall measurement before include this item to your shopping basket. It is not difficult to identify the best rack that fits your space. Probably all you need to do is to take the measurement and photos for the space, then communicate this requirement to the shop. There was professional out there which is more than willing to serve you. If you’re looking for special feature coat rack such as wall-mounted coat rack with hangers, shelves or mirrors, then for the extreme which is to let the supplier know exactly what you want. They can either get the product for you or custom-made one accordingly your requirements. Possibly you need to pay more; however the end product sure will be very much satisfying.

Second, it is actually the scaling job before the fixing. Before you get up the rack, make sure you estimate and put the remark to the wall. This is to confirm the position of the rack. Always place the rack 5 inches away from the wall corner. Never ever position it at the center of a wall surface. The modern wall-mounted coat rack was enhanced with additional setting such as hangers, mirrors and shelf. This type of rack normally heavier; therefore more screwing and supporting hardware are required and mainly is for safety purposes. The wall-mounted coat rack with shelf especially, need more support. This piece is getting ready additional spaces for keeping other than become coat hanger.

Third, once you already dropped the remark to the wall, the following thing to accomplish is the fixing. How to fix the rack to the wall? You need hardware set includes of hammer, electric screw driver, strong-hold screws, measurement tape, perhaps an assistant. You need someone who can hold the rack for you while the fixing. You should start nailing and screwing from the four sides, then progressively moving to the center. This could take you sometime; however please pay more attention as it affects safety and usability of the rack later.

Finally, leave the rack rest for a day or two; don’t hang any items on it. This is to ensure the nails and screws are stagnant to the rack and ready to be use.

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