Perfect Jewelry Rack for Your Jewelry Collection

Looking for solution to organize your jewelries? Then you should not delay for getting a jewelry rack. No matter for personal or commercial use, this rack is the best place to keep and displaying your jewelries. The rack is offered in several forms, includes of free standing, wall-mounted as well as over the door hooked. Somehow at this point of time the free standing jewelry racks are more popular than others. People will only go for the wall-mounted one when room space is limited. However some people treated the jewelry rack wall mount as a style, for modern room interior indeed. These racks are added with fun and beautiful art features to adorn the wall as well as the room. The velvet coated over the door jewelries racks for examples are adding the luxurious feel for a room, suits for elegant style interior.

What is the main function for a jewelry rack indeed? Actually the item s a framework used to display and holding jewelries pieces. The rack is developed of various materials like wood, plastic, acrylic and metal. By the way metal and wooden jewelry rack is more common. You can easily get these racks at commercial jewelries shops or even living homes.

To be more specific, the rack is offered in two modes. The first is more on specific task, where to keep ONE type only of jewelry piece like earring or necklace. This type of rack is specially made to hang and keep the specific jewelry piece. For example the metal earring rack is constructed with four vertical sticks which each stick is added with stop hook. The stop hook is used for hanging the earrings. Then a necklace holder or necklace rack is designed specifically to hang necklaces where the hanger of the rack normally fixed higher in order to offer sufficient spaces for the leverage of necklaces. Sometimes people called these specific features of jewelries racks follow the name of jewelries like necklace rack, ring rack, earring rack, bracelet rack, brooch rack etc.

If you can’t find a jewelry rack that meets all your requirements, then now is the time to make one for yourself. The construct of rack does not as difficult as you think; in fact several easy-going steps are applicable only. Get your materials prepared like wood picture frame, peg boards, hooks and some decorative items like beads, crystals, sequins etc. Then don’t forget the tools to form the rack like screw drivers, screws, super glues etc. The frame and the peg board should come in equivalent sizes. Assemble the frame, pegboard and the hook by using screws and strengthening it with super glues. Then secure the eye hook with extra pole screws. Lastly finish the rack with varnishing if it is in wood or you can stick some decorative item like the crystals and beads that you’ve prepared earlier.

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